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We expect support for our concerns

Fahrettin Altun calls for NATO after the crisis: We expect support for our concerns Communication President Fahrettin Altun made a statement on the...




What is politics in general?

In the broadest sense, politics are the activities that people carry out to make, protect and change the general rules that regulate their lives...


UN negotiations | Cyprus

The first negotiations between the two sides on the island began in 1968. These discussions, in which the Turkish thesis was put forward as local...


History of the Cyprus Issue

The administration of Cyprus, which was taken from the Venetians in 1571 and remained under Ottoman rule for 307 years, was transferred to England in...


Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Active, frozen, where there are potential conflicts, in addition to large casualties, forced migration, economic devastation, historical heritage and...


History of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has been a scene of turmoil throughout the ages, in every period of history. Due to its strategic location and natural wealth...


Turkey’s NATO Entry

The Democratic Party, which came to power as a result of 14 May 1950 elections, accelerated its efforts to join NATO. reasons for wanting to join...