Despotic Kingdoms Region: Middle East

We are in 2018, but we still do not have the thought flow in 500 years before Christ. I live in the Aegean region which is named as Little Asia. Sometimes Thales comes to my mind. he is a great philosopher. perhaps the first person who invented thinking. The view of philosophy, which has triggered the development of the mind for 2500 years, unfortunately has not been the result of the lands we are in. this is because we have a despotic management. yes as a turkish state structure, but if you ask me right now, our state is the biggest mafia. He does everything he wants, he sells everything, he doesn’t bring his people to prosper, he doesn’t get along well with other countries and he does a lot of corruption, crimes and unlawful acts. As the people we watch the arm of this brutality. Whoever says a shame of the state, they immediately arrest him. the state maintains its kingdom until the last moment. This stability is not for the people of the statesmen and those circles. a wild capitalist state. sometimes I see myself as the enemy of this government, and sometimes the government as my enemy. Even the simplest we can’t do. We are not a scientist before we go to Europe, and we are in the territory of people like Thales. What do you call that? To begin with is the enemy know that Turkey’s mind, including government .. you will not think particularly in this country, you are thieves in this country. There is no respect for the scientist in this country; I hope we get better. But we must know the man who thought 2500 years ago.

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