Living in Anatolian

One that really I can think of that I live in a country or it will not be all perfectly normal parts of Turkey. In the summer a lot of tourists come to this country. some people do not like. This country that we received free from ancient Greece is not actually ours. this country is an ancient country of Greek citizens, but not of the current Greeks. this is the home of philosophers such as thales and anaximenes. I am currently in the city of Miletos. Aphrodisias are ancient in their own less advanced. more last summer nysa ancient city inhabitants thought Gregorius. this is understood; I don’t belong here as a Turk. I belong to Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The main dormitory is Altai, Uzbek country. I’m slanting, I like horses, arrows, and flat plains. I drink mule milk. I know the Altai language in the Orhon alphabet. I’m Turkish. This is Ancient Greece. Come and see Ephesus and other ancient places.

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