Once upon a time there were goodies in my country

Years ago, people were better in Ottoman times. We even got along well with other countries. Then Islam began to shine, and all the countries of the world were cold. This is not important to me. Religion is personal, cannot be evaluated through countries or societies. Then a system called the republic came and changed everything. It was like someone was washing up and the other was doing it. Only scientists and smart people didn’t care about these situations. The ignorant people were the one who ate the biggest blow. I got out of society by getting rid of ignorance and thinking that if I became a scientist, I would not be exposed to the coup. I’m all alone. I don’t have any political facts. I love all the people of the world because they are good. I don’t like those who do evil. I respect the colors and cultures of the countries. I live in ancient Greece. The place I live in miletus. I’m drinking olive oil, eating olives. I think of Thales coming and laughing. Thales, you were here. I love you more as you see all the thoughts that are despotic.

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