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I was born in August 1987. Now I understand it’s a hot day. It’s been 32 years and I don’t know what kind of country I live in. I’ve seen a lot of politicians. Politicians made promises to people all the time. Roads, schools, health services, bridges, social facilities, comfortable living, cheap gasoline, cheap cars, etc. You can read my thoughts about Anatolia under the title Living in Anatolia.
The current president is Recep Tayyip Erdogan. People love Erdogan, but he doesn’t. Everyone wants to see the AK side as the ruling party because they are after their interests. I think the AK side and its supporters are people who don’t know how to think. They don’t use their minds, but they move with emotions. This makes them constantly mistake. For this reason, politics and religion in the country grows wrong and technology shrinks. Human rights are ignored. Misery proceeds and hunger begins. This causes great chaos. Examples of this situation are everywhere.

I want to see more happy people now. Everyone’s face is grim and unhappy. There are troubled people everywhere. Every human being’s rights such as education, health, housing, marriage, earning money should exist naturally. States have to do this in accordance with their principles.

At this time, a person working with minimum wage can buy a house in 30 years. He also has to work 10 years to become a car and 5 years to get married. What can a person who spends so much of his life doing work for himself and his family?

Hopefully one day everything will get very nice. This beauty will bring happiness to people. That’s when you’il enjoy living.
Lovingly thick, my friends, I offer my respect

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I have been living in this land since 1987. I have witnessed many good and bad events in my country. Now I want to tell all the people the hidden sides of this country. All the information I will share with you in accordance with my request is my personal feelings and thoughts

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